Crypto Gammon


To see and receive your NFT!

  1. Create an account/profile on SpaceSeven.
  2. You also need a CCD wallet - made on a CryptoX wallet.
  3. Then connect your CCD wallet address to your SpaceSeven profile.
  4. Update your profile on CryptoGammon with your "username on SpaceSeven" and your "CCD wallet address"

You cannot see your NFTs on SpaceSeven without a CCD wallet!


SpaceSeven account/profile sign up Here


CryptoX wallet, download it here:

If you don't have a profile on Cryptogammon - Create Here

If you already have a profile on Cryptogammon - Update Here

Crypto Games allows users to transform digital content into NFTs residing on the blockchain. The digital content could include books, images, videos, musical tracks, or even complex digital files. Users can just enter the details for describing their item and use the Concordium blockchain for taking their digital item to the public. Users could browse the Crypto Games marketplace for making bids and purchasing digital items. The items reside on the blockchain and belong to your wallet when you purchase them.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token.
Think of an NFT as a digital stamp of ownership used to confirm the authenticity of a unique item. At the moment that stamp is recorded (tokenized) on a secure public database (blockchain), the stamp becomes verified as one of a kind and cannot be modified or copied.
An item is fungible if it can easily be exchanged or substituted and maintain its same value. A dollar bill is an example of a fungible item because it can be replaced or exchanged for 4 quarters and still retain the same exact value. Other fungible items include:
  • Gold
  • Bitcoin or other crypto currencies
  • Casino chips
An item is non-fungible if it cannot be substituted because it has unique qualities that make it different from other similar items. While many NFTs are digital, they can be used to verify the authenticity of real-world items too. Examples include:
  • Event tickets
  • Photography
  • Collectibles like trading cards
  • Music
  • Digital art
  • Virtual items like video game skins and avatars
  • Tangible assets like real estate, cars, and even designer clothing
It is that publicly verifiable ownership that makes NFTs valuable because it allows them to be easily and securely traded or sold and allows for a variety of additional uses like:
  • Unlock owner benefits like exclusive access to an event or an experience
  • Artist/creator royalties
  • Chain of custody verification, eliminating ticketing fraud