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Artpusher MacGammon set

Artpusher has partnered with Crypto Games AG to design board sets for our game.

The Macgammon set from Artpusher is the first limited edition NFT with only 33 sets and will never be made again!
With Artpusher artwork as NFT´S on our backgammon sets in-game, makes you one of the few who can use and show Macgammon to other players worldwide.

The board set contains:

1 Board
1 Shaker
2 Set Checkers
2 Set Dice
1 Double-up dice

The artworks of Artpusher have been exhibited alongside icons like Banksy, Space Invader, Damien Hirst, Ricard Prince & Warhol.

You will find his original oil paintings on the wall of art collectors and international corporations like; MAERSK, Microsoft, Digital, and SAXO BANK.

Artpusher has been recognized by the National Danish Design Museum.

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Artpusher is one of the new waves of European street artists whose works look sharp both in the gallery and on the streets.

His influences range from his father, an accomplished watercolor painter in his own right, to Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol, and Koons, Street Art gurus like Ron English, Banksy, and Blek Le Rat. These inspirations can be seen in the size, scale, and detail of his photorealistic works, which draw on pop art, street art, and comic books (specifically Japanese manga) to create large-scale cityscapes focused on the consumerism of our society.

His works draw the eye to commercial inconsistencies; brands are warped, and logos are destroyed and reassembled. Irony practically drips off each piece, and the humor is apparent. His are works you spend a while on rather than zoom past.

What impressed me about Artpusher’s work was the attention to detail and high skill level throughout. As a longtime Street Art fanatic, I think it’s fair to say that a decent amount of new work lives in the school of irony with no clear message or idea. Contrarily, these works stem from a more mature artist comfortable with subversion as a medium for political comment – not just someone who goes “Capitalism: bad; Banksy-like stencil: good.”

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  1. Jens

    Coolest board in the game!

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